The Ascent Project is a 501(c)(3) organization, begun in 2018, that continues the work of Integral Youth and Family Project Inc. (IYFP) founded in 2001.


To create long term stability in urban, under-served, communities through implementation of a comprehensive model of human and community development. TAP’s proven model focuses on supporting both the needs and the potential of individuals and families.


To build thriving, inclusive communities of lifelong learning where every individual has equal opportunity to fulfill their potential and lead fulfilling lives. We aspire to create a future in which the necessary resources, opportunities, and support systems for personal growth, empowerment, and community development are easily accessible.


TAP works hand in hand with a diverse range of partners to ensure the growth and stability of communities. Together, we support the development of families by offering unique opportunities for children, teens, adults, and seniors to explore exciting paths that go beyond the traditional. These experiences promote lifelong learning and engagement.

Our partnerships are thoughtfully chosen and cultivated to create a strong support network for our programs, which augment traditional education and introduce our residents to 21st century career pathways.