The Ascent Project (TAP) envisions the development of stable communities through the empowerment of members, an environment of continuous learning and community engagement.

TAP serves all demographics within communities through programs for:

  • Seniors (55+ years): Healthy living with an emphasis on nutrition, physical activity, and broadening experiences.
  • Young Adults (18-55 years): family support, life skills, job skills development, employment and training, and experiential exposure.
  • Youth (5-17 years): introduction to a pipeline for 21st century careers including flight, hydroponic agriculture, performing arts, coding, robotics, sports, film and music production. Through these programs a continuum that supports classroom education and exposes youth to broader learning experiences is created.


The Ascent Project (TAP) is the 2017 link to the holistic vision that Integral has always brought to its Community Development work, and weaving the fabric of community into urban centers.  TAP is the next spoke in the wheel, illustrating Integral’s  commitment to leveraging the resources of like-minded organizations to enrich and empower underserved communities.

Integral’s for-profit companies focus on constructing and managing safe, mixed-income housing, and building communities with all the elements to ensure their long term viability. These include great schools, safe streets, access to transportation, employment and recreation. 

Our team

The Ascent Project Vice Chair Robert Easterling
Robert Easterling


The Ascent Project Chair Eric Pinckney
Eric Pinckney

Board Member

The Ascent Project Board Member Rian Smith
Rian Smith

Board Member

Karen Ramlall-Abbott

Board Member

Bri Boldon

Board Member

The Ascent Project Executive Director Hope Bolden
Hope Boldon

Executive Director

The Ascent Project Program Manager Jill Mitchell
Jill Mitchell

Program Manager

Kady DeWees

Board Member